I am interested in understanding large-scale atmospheric circulation patterns, with the eventual goal that this understanding can help improve subseasonal weather forecasts or our long-term climate change projections.

My current project focuses on the Madden-Julian oscillation (MJO), which is a convective circulation pattern over the tropical Pacific with a period of 30-70 days. Convection during the MJO induces Rossby waves that can affect weather in the extratropics with a lag of 1-4 weeks. Most global climate models do not have convection schemes that reasonably simulate the MJO itself, let alone these teleconnections. My goal is to improve simulation of the MJO and its teleconnections using a bias correction method to better represent the effects of the MJO on extratropical weather, specificallly winter precipitation in North America.

I value scientific practices that are 1) accessible and inclusive; 2) uplifiting and non-extractive; 3) open; and 4) a benefit to society. Contact me if you would like to see my detailed values statement, or the flowchart that I use to make decisions based on these values!