Shihao Yang is currently a post-doc researcher working with Prof. Isaac Kohane at Department of Biomedical Informatics, Harvard Medical School. His current focus is the causal inference on electronic insurance claims data. Starting August 15, 2020, he will join a ISyE at Georgia Tech as a tenure-track assistant professor.

Shihao received his PhD in statistics from Harvard University in 2019, advised by Prof. Samuel Kou. His primary research interest is to harness the power of big data to solve real-life problems, with focus on three perspectives: methodological development, computational tools, and probabilistic modeling.

On methodology, he developed methods for infectious disease prevalence forecast based on internet search data, and built a tailor-made matching method to study cancer immunotherapy with electronic health data. On computation, he introduced a new method for parallelizable Markov chain Monte Carlo, and another fast approximation method for inference in dynamic systems. On probability, he proposed novel stochastic differential equations to capture the underlying dynamics of high-speed, high-volume financial market transitions.

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