Community Building

Understanding geoscience culture

AGU body metaphor poster

I am interested in understanding how language used in geology influences culture and vice versa - I am particularly interested in the prevalence and origin of sexual or body metaphors in describing geoscience! At AGU in 2019 I held an interactive poster where I solicited examples of language overheard by geoscientists like you! EOS wrote an beautiful article about this project, which you can read here

PowellI am also interested in understanding how historical practices of exclusion in 19th century U.S. geology influence modern cultures in geoscience today. I am particularly interested in untangling the history of scientific racism in U.S. geology. In that vein, I wrote an article in Scientific American on John Wesley Powell and his lesser known research on the Ute people, which presumed their inferiority and argued for Native American assimilation and removal. 


Scientific American published a guest post on the role of language in science that I wrote in collaboration with Greta Shum, at Climate Central. Also check out Greta's weekly weather update on the Shum Show



As a PhD student I was on the executive board of HGWISE, the Harvard Women in Graduate Science and Engineering group. HGWISE runs a mentoring program connecting graduate students with faculty mentors and host a variety of events that foster professional growth and community interaction. HGWISE is part of the New England GWISE alliance, which is a powerful network of womxn in STEM across a series of universities.


I am featured in an upcoming children's coloring book from Custemized as the "geologist". This includes a poem I wrote for children about understanding paleo sea level!