Taran is a Research Fellow in Systems Biology at Harvard Medical School. His research interests entail the role of cell-cell interactions in tumor microenvironment and broadly in normal cell and tissue physiology. With Marc Kirschner, he is developing methods to exploit polypharmacology of drugs. Previously, he worked with Dr. Gavin MacBeath in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard University, where he developed experimental methods for multiplex protein measurements.

He received a Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Life Sciences and Mathematics, a M.Sc. in Pathology & Molecular Medicine and a Ph.D. in Trans-disciplinary Cancer Research, all from Queen’s University, Canada. His graduate research, with Dr. Lois Mulligan, used a combination of biochemical, cellular biological, and 3D structural methodologies to identify the underlying molecular mechanisms of RET kinase driven carcinogenesis of thyroid cancer.