Publications by Year: 2000

Anderson TS, Aiken MJ. Artwork 001 (posted on 2020-04-29). 2000.
tim johnson. Treasure Island (sticky - posted on 2018-01-01).; 2000.
Adair T. CP 789.; 2000.
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Anderson T, Awine T. Nova Science. 2nd ed. London: ABC Publishing Co; 2000 :200.Abstract
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Book Chapter
tim johnson, Chan F. Back to the Future (Book Chapter type) (posted on 2020-11-18). In: Batman. Vol 12. 4th ed. London: ABC Printing Co ; 2000 :23-25. Publisher's VersionAbstract
This is the abstract for Back to the Future
Anderson T. Zoomy Chapter 1 (posted on 2019-06-14). In: Book of Zoomy. ; 2000.
deLorenze G, Aldrich J. Chart1. ImageSourceProgram. 2000;ImageSize :Description.
Conference Paper
Anderson T, Larson M. confpaper1. In: ConferenceName. Somewhere out there: ABC Printing Co ; 2000.
Conference Proceedings
Derry J. ConfProceedings1. ConferenceName. 2000;20 :23-56.
Aldrich J. Database1 (posted on 2020-11-18). SecondaryTitle. 2000.
Eguia J. Film1 (posted on 2020-12-01). USA: ABC Production Co; 2000.
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Government Report
Aldrich J. GovernementReport. SecondaryTitle. 2000;VolumeNumber :22-45.
Eguia J. Hearing (posted on 2019-06-12). Committee. 2000;(issue-number).
Aldrich J. Journal1 (posted 2019-06-13). SecondaryTitle. 2000;VolumnNumber :22-44.
Journal Article
ja2 - (posted on 2022-11-19). E-Journal. 2000;9 (E-2290) :29-91. Publisher's Version
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Mutenko H, Makitrinskyy R, Tsypik O, et al. Genes for biosynthesis of butenolide-like signalling molecules in , their role in moenomycin production (posted on 2019-01-17). Russ J Genet. 2000;50 (6) :563-568.Abstract
Moenomycins (Mm) - phosphoglycolipid compounds produced by ATCC14672 - are considered a promising model for development of novel class of antibiotics. In this regard it is important to generate Mm overproducing strains which would be a basis for economically justified production of this antibiotic. In this work a set of genes for synthesis and reception of low-molecular weight signaling molecules (LSM) in ATCC14672 were described and their significance for Mm production was studied. The ATCC14672 genome carries structural and regulatory genes for production of LSMs of avenolide and γ-butyrolactone families. Additional copies of LSM biosynthetic genes and did not alter the Mm production level. ATCC14672 LSMs are not capable of restoring the sporulation of butyrolactone-nonproducing mutant of . Likewise, while the heterologous host 1326 produced Mm, its mutant M707 (deficient in the butyrolactone synthase gene ) did not. Thus, while the natural level of LSMs production by ATCC14672 does not limit Mm synthesis, the former is essential for the synthesis of moenomycins.
Dake MD, Anderson T. JournalArticle 0001 (posted on 2017-11-18). JournalName. 2000;20 :23-25.
Legal Ruling
Aldrich J. LegalRuling1. 4th ed. London: ABC Printing Co; 2000 :22-44.
Magazine Article
Derry J. MagazineArticle1 (sticky posted on 2017-01-01). MagazineName. 2000;20 :23-34.
Aldrich J. Manuscript1. CollectionTitle. 2000;VolumeContainer :23-45.
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