Research Interests

My research projects delve into topics related to rhetoric of imperial insularity in Transatlantic territories, displacement, discourses and practices of national and peripheral identity formation, as well as of notions of provincialism, belonging, isolation, fluidity and migration. At Harvard University, my dissertation focuses on 20th Century cultural production and literary texts in three insular and Spanish post-colonial spaces: the Caribbean Islands of Cuba and Puerto Rico, the African islands in Equatorial Guinea, and the Canary Islands. From an interdisciplinary perspective, my work brings different texts together to question historical, dialogic and crisscrossed insular specificities. 

Inserted in the emergence of Transatlantic and Island Studies, the aim of my research at Harvard takes into account a more realistic and polyhedral configuration of Hispanism that includes not only the nexus of the Canary Islands, but also former African possessions of Spain and their connections with the Caribbean.