How America Lost Its Mind

How America Lost Its MindAmericans are losing touch with reality. On issues from climate change to immigration, tens of millions of Americans have opinions wildly at odds with the facts, rendering them unable to think sensibly about politics. In How America Lost Its Mind, I examine the rise of a world of “alternative facts” and the resulting consequences.

We don’t have to search far for the forces that are misleading us and tearing us apart: politicians for whom division is a strategy; talk show hosts who have made an industry of outrage; news outlets that wield conflict as a marketing tool; and partisan organizations and foreign agents who spew disinformation to advance a cause, make a buck, or simply amuse themselves. The consequences are severe. How America Lost Its Mind maps a political landscape convulsed with distrust, gridlock, brinksmanship, petty feuding, and deceptive messaging.

As philosopher Hannah Arendt wrote decades ago, demagogues thrive when “people for whom the distinction between fact and fiction, true and false, no longer exists.” In How America Lost Its Mind, I make the case for engaging on the side of truth.

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