We the People

A. Instructional goals of We The People

B. There are two ways to request an instructor's copy of We the People:

1) Go to the We The People site.

2) Call McGraw Hill at 800-338-3987, ext 3(call M-F, 8:30 am-5:30 pm, ET)

Note: The new edition (the 14th) of We the People includes, for example, Joe Biden’s election as president, Amy Comey Barrett’s Supreme Court confirmation, and the political, social, and economic impact of COVID-19. To order: Thomas E. Patterson, We the People, 14e (McGraw-Hill, 2021), ISBN: 9781260395914. For preparing your syllabus, the Table of Contents can be found here. A draft syllabus can be found here.

We The People 14th edition cover








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