Will Tilleczek is a political theorist originally from Sudbury, ON, Canada.

I am currently a PhD candidate at Harvard University in the department of Government, where I am writing a dissertation with the tentative title of "Michel Foucault and the Politics of Asceticism: A Theoretical Study of Practices of the Self in Political and Economic Context, from Hellenism to Neoliberalism."

Before coming to Harvard for the PhD, I obtained a BA in English and Contemporary Studies (an interdisciplinary program of cultural theory), with a minor in Classics at the University of King's College and Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS. I also obtained an MA from the University of Toronto in Political Theory, where I focused on ancient Greek political thought as well as post-Marxist and post-modern political thought.  During my PhD, I have spent time studying French in Quebec and Paris (where I also audited courses in contemporary French philosophy and Greek literature at the École Normale Superieure).

My research draws on resources from various disciplines and sub-disciplines, especially political theory, classics, philosophical anthropology and the anthropology of ethics.


I have advanced knowledge of French, German, and Ancient Greek, and some knowledge of Latin and Modern Greek.