Curriculum Vitae

I am part of the Computational Health Informatics Program (CHIP) located in Boston Children's Hospital. I work in natural language processing (NLP) of clinical text, extracting information from medical records to facilitate clinical research and make the healthcare system more efficient.

I am trained as a computer scientist, with a BS from Marquette Unversity and MS and PhD from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities focusing on general domain natural language processing. My current research focuses on deep neural network methods for clinical natural language processing. I have funded projects focusing on the important problems of domain adaptation for clinical NLP, and learning patient representations from electronic health records.

Jobs: If I have positions open for postdoctoral research fellows, there will be a menu tab above with a link to the job posting. If you are interested in doing masters or undergraduate work in clinical NLP, I am able to advise Harvard students and usually will have one or two positions available over the summer. Please contact me using the form linked in the header.