My broad research interest is in formal, experimental, and computational modeling approaches to natural language semantics and pragmatics. 

In my PhD thesis (Decomposing logic: Modified numerals, polarity, and exhaustification) I look at similarity and variation with respect to ignorance and polarity sensitivity in disjunction and indefinites, on the one hand, and comparative- and superlative-modified numerals, on the other. I offer a fully unified alternatives-and-exhaustification account, with welcome consequences for both disjunction/indefinites and especially (bare and) modified numerals. As part of joint work with Kathryn Davidson, I also offer the first experimental investigation into claims that superlative- but not comparative-modified numerals are degraded under negation.

Other topics I have worked on include:

  • epistemic futures (e.g., English epistemic will, Romanian o, etc.) vs. epistemic necessity modals (e.g., epistemic must)
  • bare nominals in English vs. in Romanian vs. in French
  • numeral-negation scope endorsement asymmetries
  • conjunctive and disjunctive particles, especially particles in Georgian and Russian that seem to mark both disjunction and conditionals

My CV.