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My broad research interest is in formal, experimental, and computational modeling approaches to natural language semantics and pragmatics. 

My narrow research interest is in studying free choice, polarity sensitivity, and scalarity across categories.

  • In my PhD thesis (Decomposing logic: Modified numerals, polarity, and exhaustification) I look at similarity and variation with respect to free choice, polarity sensitivity, and scalarity in disjunction and indefinites, on the one hand, and comparative- and superlative-modified numerals, on the other. I offer a fully unified alternatives-and-exhaustification account, with welcome consequences for both disjunction/indefinites and especially (bare and) modified numerals. As part of joint work with Kathryn Davidson, I also offer the first experimental investigation into claims that superlative- but not comparative-modified numerals are degraded under negation.
  • In ongoing work I study the same phenomena in indefinites by number, aspectual operators, modals, etc., investigating empirical and theoretical similarity across categories.

Other topics I have worked on include:

  • epistemic futures (e.g., English epistemic will, Romanian o, etc.) vs. epistemic necessity modals (e.g., epistemic must)
  • bare nominals in English vs. in Romanian vs. in French
  • numeral-negation scope endorsement asymmetries
  • conjunctive and disjunctive particles, especially particles in Georgian and Russian that seem to mark both disjunction and conditionals

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