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(under review) [with Kathryn Davidson] Testing a PPI analysis of superlative-modified numerals
(under review) Numerals and their modifiers: How morphology constrains alternatives
(2018) An extent-based GQT-style unified implicature account of bare and modified numerals
            @ Institute for Logic, Language, and Information, University of Amsterdam, June 12.
(2018) Scope asymmetry, QUDs, and exhaustification
           @ LingedIn, Harvard U, May 4
(2017) Decomposing bare and modified numerals
            @ LingedIn, Harvard U, Dec 7
(2017) [with Kathryn DavidsonTesting a PPI analysis of superlative modified numerals
            @ 7th biannual Experimental Pragmatics (XPrag 7), University of Cologne, June 21-23. 
            [abstract] [slides]
(2016) More evidence of heterogeneity in the class of comparative and superlative numeral modifiers
            @ LingedIn, Harvard U, Sep 30.
            @ Experimental Syntax & Semantics Lab / Language Acquisition Lab Meeting, MIT, Oct 18.     
            @ Language and Cognition group meeting, Harvard U, Nov 29.

(2015) [with Alexander Klapheke]  Two sets of alternatives for numerals
            @ East Coast Graduate Student Workshop (ECO-5), Harvard U, Apr 11.

(2017) [with Aurore Gonzalez] Bare plural nominals in Romanian and French
            Unpublished manuscript.
(2017) [with Aurore Gonzalez] Bare nominals in French and Romanian
             @ 47th Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL 47), University of Delaware, April 20-23.

(2015) Romanian Bare Nominals and Derived Kind Predication
            @ Southern New England Workshop on Semantics (SNEWS), Harvard U, Nov 21.


(2014) The broader epistemic future
            @ Invited symposium: Commitment phenomena through the study of evidential markers in Romance languages, University of Neuchâtel, Sep 5.

(2014) The Romanian future-and-presumptive auxiliary
             In McGill Working Papers in Linguistics, 24(1), 64-80.

(2013) Romanian presumptivity: The future case in point
            @ Southern New England Workshop on Semantics (SNEWS), MIT, Nov 16.

(2013) The Romanian presumptive mood and the key to the Romanian will-future
            @ Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal Workshop on Semantics (TOM) 6, McGill U, Mar 23.

(2013) The Romanian Presumptive Mood: The key to the Romanian will-Future
            In Cahiers linguistiques d'Ottawa/Ottawa Papers in Linguistics, 38.

(2012) The Romanian Presumptive Mood: Inferential evidentiality and upper-end degree epistemic modality
            MA Thesis, University of Ottawa.
            [MA thesis]