Our primary areas of interest are imaging, image processing, and robotics technologies for image-guided therapy and their clinical implementation. Currently, our research projects fall into three categories, including: (1) MRI-guided robot-assisted prostate interventions, (2) MRI-based ablation monitoring, and (3) software platform for image-guided interventions. Our research activities are currently supported by the following grant fundings:

  • NIH R01EB020667 "OpenIGTLink: a network communication interface for closed-loop image-guided interventions" (MPI: Junichi Tokuda, Axel Krieger (Johns Hopkins University), Mark Fuge (University of Maryland), Simon Leonard (Johns Hopkins University))
  • NIH R01CA235134 "Adaptive Percutaneous Prostate Interventions using Sensorized Needle" (MPI:  Junichi Tokuda, Nobuhiko Hata (Brigham and Women's Hospital), Iulian Iordachita (Johns Hopkins University)) 
  • NIH R44CA224853 "Smart template for prostate biopsy guidance" (PI: Jesung Park (Physical Sciences Inc.), Subcontract PI: Junichi Tokuda)
  • Siemens Medical Solutions, USA (PI: Junichi Tokuda)