Book Chapters & Edited Volumes

“The Constitution, the Law, and Social Change: Mapping Pathways of Influence,” in CAMBRIDGE COMPANION TO THE CONSTITUTION, John Compton and Karen Offen, eds. (Cambridge University Press, 2018)

Co-editor (with Gerald Neuman), Reconsidering the Insular Cases: The Past and Future of the American Empire (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2015)

“Tejas Es Diferente: UT Austin’s Admissions Program in Light of Its Exclusionary History,” in Affirmative Action and Racial Equality: Considering the Fisher Case to Forge the Path Ahead, Jayakumar & Garcas, eds. (Pennsylvania State Univ., 2015) (co-authored with Lani Guinier)

“Social Movements and American Constitutional Law” in Cambridge Companion to the Constitution (John Compton and Karen Offen, eds.)

The Long, Broad, and Deep Civil Rights Movement: A Tribute to William Nelson” in Making Legal History: Essays in Honor of William Nelson (New York University Press, 2013).

Missouri v. Jenkins: Why District Courts and Local Politics Matter, in Civil Rights Stories (Foundation Press, 2007)

The Impact of Lawyer-Client Disengagement on the NAACP Legal Defense Fund’s Campaign to Implement Brown v. Board of Education, in From the Grassroots to the Supreme Court (Duke University Press, 2004)