Below is a select, non-exhaustive list of workshops I have facilitated:

Race and Racism 101

Having Difficult Conversations: Brave Spaces

Bias in Online Education

Implicit Bias in the Health Professions

A Conversation about Implicit Bias During Faculty Search Processes

Recognizing Our Own Implicit Biases in the Workplace

Building Teams: Diversity and Inclusion

Recruiting and Considering a Diverse Applicant Pool: A Workshop Faculty Search Committees

Power, Privilege, and Positionality

Introduction to Critical Race Theory

White Supremacy Culture

Naming and Responding to Racism in Support of BIPOC Students

Promoting Inclusive Teaching and Learning Environments

Supporting the Success of Students with Diverse Identities and Abilities

Recognizing and Responding to Microaggressions: An Introductory Training

Supporting Muslim Students: An Introductory Bystander Training