Research Interests

I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Harvard. My research involves atmospheric chemistry and data science with my projects focusing on the impact of human activities on climate and air quality. Projects that I have worked on include the estimation of greenhouse gas emissions at various spatial scales, the use of satellite observations to inform emissions estimates, and the application of these strategies to improve emissions reporting relevant to climate policy. General research areas of interest include: 

  • Regional and local emissions of atmospheric pollutants
  • Remote sensing, data science, and GIS tools for atmospheric science applications
  • Public health and environmental justice
  • National emissions and climate policy

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About Me

I am a 5th year graduate student currently advised by Daniel Jacob in the Atmospheric and Chemistry Modeling Group. Before I came to Harvard, I majored in Environmental Engineering at Michigan Technological University where I did field/lab work investigating nitrogen and carbon cycling in peatlands. Unfortunately, now I primarily sit in an office all day but I get to look at some pretty cool maps to make up for it. My scientific interests are broadly focused on the impact of human activities on climate/air quality and how we can use GIS/satellite data to further understand these impacts.

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I have served as a teaching fellow for the following classes at Harvard:

  • GENED 1085 Energy Resources and the Environment (Spring 2019, 2020)
  • E-PSCI 133 Atmospheric Chemistry (Spring 2018)

Outreach and Service