Venn diagrams

Written by our high school intern Emiliya Aleksanyan

Venn Diagrams are widely known and used throughout the world in a variety of settings. Even early mathematics classes teach children that the two variables, represented by two circles, share a commonality in the area where they cross over.


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Admixture mapping – a type of genetic association analysis.

Most people know what genetic association analysis is: the test of association between a genetic variant and a trait. Admixture mapping is also performed for the ultimate goal of detecting genetic association with a trait, but, it is done in by testing regional associations, where the regions are constructed by inferred Local Ancestry Intervals (LAIs), and what’s tested is the ancestry counts of each person in the interval.

Backing off. Admixture occurs in a person (or a population), when individuals are genetically admixed, i.e. when their ancestors are from at least...

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