Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

     PhD student, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (started Fall 2014)

     Department: Committee on the Study of Religion

     Field: History of Christianity 

Dissertation in progress: “The Missionary Republic: The Rise of Evangelical Missions in the United States, 1789-1819”

Committee: David Hempton (chair), Catherine Brekus, and David Holland

The University of Chicago Divinity School, Chicago, IL

     Master of Arts, June 2014

     Program: Religions in America 

The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Bachelor of Arts in History and Religious Studies with General and Departmental Honors, June 2012 

Thesis: “Providence, Prophecy, and Prosperity: The ‘Faith Principle’ of Anthony Norris Groves in Early Nineteenth-Century Britain” (Advised by Catherine Brekus and Edward Cook; received honors in History and Religious Studies) 


Ambassador John L. Loeb, Jr. Fellowship, Harvard University, 2017-2018

Charles Warren Center Dissertation Research Grant, Harvard University, Fall 2017 (declined)

GSAS Graduate Society Merit Fellowship, Harvard University, Fall 2017 (declined)

General Exams passed with distinction, Spring 2017

Harvard University Certificate of Distinction in Teaching, Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, Fall 2016

The Divinity School Visiting Committee Fellowship, University of Chicago, 2012-2014

Jerald C. Brauer Seminar Fellowship, theme: “Uncle Tom’s Cabin: Its Lives and Afterlives,” University of Chicago, Spring 2013

Phi Beta Kappa, Beta of Illinois, inducted June 2012

Dean’s List, University of Chicago, 2008-2012

Nicholson Center for British Studies Undergraduate Fellow, University of Chicago, Summer 2011


Thomas E. I. Whittaker, Ryan G. Tobler, and Erik R. Nordbye, Annotated Bibliography of Luther Scholarship, Encyclopedia of Martin Luther and the Reformation, edited by Mark A. Lamport (Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2017).

Thomas E. I. Whitaker, “Harvard College,” “Scholasticism,” “Pietism,” and “Anti-Catholicism,” A Jonathan Edwards Encyclopedia, edited by Harry S. Stout, Kenneth Minkema and Adriaan Neele (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2017).

Thomas E. I. Whittaker, “Providence, Prophecy, and Prosperity: Rethinking the ‘Romantic’ Premillennialism of the 1820s through the Faith Principle of Anthony Norris Groves,” in Neil T. R. Dickson and T. J. Marinello, eds., Brethren and Mission: Essays in Honour of Timothy C. F. Stunt (Glasgow, UK: Brethren Archivists and Historians Network, 2016).


Review of Joseph Stubenrauch, The Evangelical Age of Ingenuity in Industrial Britain in Reading Religion (May 2017).

Review of Ryan Nicholas Danker, Wesley and the Anglicans: Political Division in Early Evangelicalism in Reading Religion (October 2016).


Guest lectures in Courtney Lamberth, Religion 40, Harvard University on the theology of Friedrich Schleiermacher and World Christianity, November 2016


Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Teaching Fellow for Gordon Teskey, AESTHINT 37: Introduction to the Bible in the Humanities and the Arts, January 2017—May 2017

Teaching Fellow for Courtney Lamberth, Religion 40: Incarnation and Desire: An Introduction to Christianity, August 2016—December 2016.

Teaching Fellow for Ann Braude and Leila Ahmed, HDS 3223: Religion, Gender and Politics in Transnational Perspective, August 2016—December 2016.

Assistant Curator, Harvard Divinity School Bicentennial Exhibition, “Faces of Divinity,” February 2016—August 2016

Research Assistant for David Hempton, Dean of the Divinity School, October 2015—

Teaching Fellow for Benjamin Friedman, William Joseph Maier Professor of Political Economy, Economics 1776: Religion and the Rise of Capitalism, August 2015—December 2015

University of Chicago Divinity School, Chicago, IL

Research Assistant to Michael Sells, John Henry Barrows Professor of Islamic History and Literature in the Divinity School, December 2012—June 2014


Special Collections Research Center, University of Chicago Library, Chicago, IL

Reference Assistant, September 2012—June 2014

Reader Services Page, January 2010—September 2012 


American Society of Church History

American Academy of Religion 


USA and UK (dual citizen)


Proficient reading knowledge of French and German