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Michael Van Devere is a film director and producer through his independent film company Fabular Films. With period locations, costumes, and themes, the filmmaker has been praised for visually handsome, literary, and poetical films. From Puritan New England to Victorian Cape Cod, each feature or short explores the perceptions and meanings of America and its figures. Over a decade of films produced at Harvard include Bachelors Cottage (2006), Ithaca (2007), John Harvard (2007), Perkins 28: Testimony from the Secret Court Files of 1920 (2008), William Wilson (2011), Between Two Friends (2013), Roosevelt's Operative (2014), Last Night (2015), In A Minor Lustrum (2015), American Sleeper (2016), Water Bearer (2017), Paul's Shop (2018), Dispatch to Ogygia (2018), and After the Faun (2019).

After the Faun - Debussy Dance Film

"After the Faun" is an original dance film. In a concrete forest, a photographer searches for a modern day faun.

American Sleeper - An Army Bromance

Suffering from a sleep disorder, a young Army veteran dreams of an unfulfilled bromance in "American Sleeper."

Paul's Shop - Study of a Shopkeeper

Influenced by a Willa Cather short story, "Paul's Shop" is a brief study of a winsome young shopkeeper.

Last Night - Modern Flâneur in Harvard Square

In search of beauty and inspiration, a modern-day flâneur encounters nightlife in Harvard Square during "Last Night."

Roosevelt's Operative - U.S. Navy Sex Scandal 1919

In "Roosevelt's Operative," a Naval recruiter recalls the entrapment of sailors during the Navy sex scandal at Newport, RI, in 1919.

Green Leviathan - A Midshipmen's Tale

Recently shipwrecked by unknown circumstances, an Irish midshipman encounters a new world in "Green Leviathan."

John Harvard - Portrait of a Puritan Saint

"John Harvard" portrays the last hours in the life of the Puritan reverend who would become Harvard University's eternal namesake.

Dispatch to Ogygia

In "Dispatch to Ogygia," Hermes is sent to the Island of Ogygia to rescue Odysseus from the sea nymph Kalypso.

PERKINS 28: Harvard Secret Court Film

In 1920, Harvard University convened a secret court to interview, charge and discipline students suspected of being homosexual. Docudrama.

Between Two Friends - Harvard Students 1910

Invoking the manly arts of Prof. William James, "Between Two Friends" is a lyrical portrait of manhood at Harvard in 1910.

In A Minor Lustrum - Bisexual Jazz Dream

In the evocative jazz short "In a Minor Lustrum," a young man wakes up after an evening revelry to find himself in a forgotten dream.

William Wilson - A Poe(tic) Horror

Adapted from Edgar Allan Poe's short story, "William Wilson" explores the tensions between the ego and the superego in man.

Water Bearer

Inspired by Greek legend, "Water Bearer" follows the daily rituals of a servant in a large estate.

Ithaca - Longfellow Romance

Inspired by Longfellow's poems, "Ithaca" portrays the loves and struggles of a sea captain's wife on Christmas Eve in 1870.