In Preparation
Vasios N, Gross AJ, Overvelde JTB, Bertoldi K. Complex Output from a Single Input. In Preparation.
Boatti E, Vasios N, Bertoldi K. Origami Metamaterials for Tunable Thermal Expansion. Advanced Materials [Internet]. 2017;29 (26). Publisher's VersionAbstract

Materials with engineered thermal expansion, capable of achieving targeted area/volume changes in response to variations in temperature, are important for a number of aerospace, optical, energy, and microelectronic applications. While most of the proposed structures with engineered coefficient of thermal expansion consist of bi-material 2D or 3D lattices, here it is shown that origami metamaterials also provide a platform for the design of systems with a wide range of thermal expansion coefficients. Experiments and simulations are combined to demonstrate that by tuning the geometrical parameters of the origami structure and the arrangement of plates and creases, an extremely broad range of thermal expansion coefficients can be obtained. Differently from all previously reported systems, the proposed structure is tunable in situ and nonporous.

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