Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 20 (formerly Literature and Arts A-22). Poems, Poets, Poetry




Catalog Number: 5808
Helen Vendler (University Professor; English)
Half course (spring term). M., W., (F.), at 1, and a weekly section to be arranged. EXAM GROUP: 6
A study of poetry as the history and science of feeling: readings in major lyric poems of England and America. Emphasis on problems of invention and execution, and on the poet’s choice of genre, stance, context, and structure. Other topics to be raised include the process of composition, the situating of a poem in its historical and poetic contexts, the notion of a poet’s development, the lyric as dramatic speech, and the experimental lyric of the 20th century.
Note: Expected to be omitted in 2013–14. This course fulfills the requirement that one of the eight General Education courses also engages substantially with Study of the Past. This course, when taken for a letter grade, meets the Core area requirement for Literature and Arts A.