Lessons from Ferguson: Leadership in Times of Civil Unrest


Veronica Benavides, Tracey Benson, and Raygine DiAquoi. Submitted. “Lessons from Ferguson: Leadership in Times of Civil Unrest ”. Publisher's Version


The shooting of a young Black man by a Ferguson police officer sparked a renewed national conversation about race and racism. However, discussing race and race relations is difficult, messy, and often deliberately avoided in classrooms and schools. In order to better understand the achievement gap, school-to-prison pipeline, and continued segregation of America's schools, educators must first understand the history of race in our country. In this case study participants will explore the capacity of leaders, organizations, and communities to respond to racialized incidents. The goals of this case are to identify and think about how to combat vestiges of structural racism.

Subjects: Race, Equity, K-12 Leadership
Setting: Three school districts in Ferguson, MO

Last updated on 05/31/2016