Selected Presentations

Gowda V. Blockchain, Sustainability, and the Future of Radiology. Association of University Radiologists 2022 Annual Meeting (March 2022, forthcoming). [oral presentation]

Gowda V, Jordan SG, Oliveira A, Cook TS, Enarson C. Radiologist, Heal Thyself: Coaching Enhances Well-being and Practice. American College of Radiology 2021 Annual Meeting (May 2021). [abstract and poster]

Lee C, Vuong K, Waters M, Brown C, McClenny A, Bermudez A, Mian M, Gowda V, Hoekstra N, Obeid N, Niblock F. Teaching the Teachers – Diversity in Medical Education. UNC School of Medicine Academy of Educators (December 2015). [oral presentation]

Willis J, DeStephanis D, Patel Y, Gowda V, Yan S. WDR18 plays an essential role in DNA damage checkpoint. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory 11th Biennial Meeting on the Cell Cycle (May 2012). [poster]

Willis J, DeStephanis D, Gowda V, Yan S. Role of TopBP1 partner WDR18 in DNA damage checkpoint. The 51st Annual Meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology (December 2011). [abstract in conference proceedings]