I am a scholar specializing in British literature and history, with particular interests in the realist novel, theatre and theatricality, sexuality, feminist movements, and the legacies of liberalism. Though my research focuses on the Victorian period, my teaching and public writing uses the endurance of nineteenth-century social customs and cultural tropes to cover wider ground, from #MeToo to contemporary television serials. With undergraduate training in anthropology and film studies, I welcome the opportunity to advise papers relating to any of the following areas: the novel in English; theatre and performance after 1800; queer studies; feminist theory; classic Hollywood and British cinema; British political and social history after 1830; fashion and costume design; and ethnographic approaches to studying gender and sexuality. Because archival research is an important feature of my own scholarship, I’m especially interested in advising students interested in exploring how to use archival artifacts in the study of literature.


You can read more about my research here.


Spring 2020 office hours

Tuesdays 10am-12pm, Barker 062

Spring 2020 teaching

English 155bn: The Nineteenth-Century British Novel

History and Literature 97: Gender and Sexuality (sophomore tutorial)