I hold a PhD in environmental psychology from ETH Zürich and am currently a visiting postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University where I work with Prof. Naomi Oreskes. I am funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation Postdoc Mobility fellowship that was awarded to me for the project titled “Scientific and public perceptions of the political terrain of climate change science”.

I use qualitative and quantitative social science methods to answer the following questions:

  • How can we spark individual and collective action on climate change and what structural changes are needed to foster such behavioral responses?
  • What are the determinants of trust and distrust in (climate change) science in different national contexts and how do they affect perceptions of the science-policy interface?
  • How have political, cultural, and economic power structures shaped and affected research on climate change and how are they preventing climate change mitigation?

I believe that answering these questions requires interdisciplinary collaborations, which is why I am currently collaborating with historians and philosophers of science, computational social scientists, science communication scholars as well as climate scientists.