In 2014, I left my adored Italian alps to pursue an interdisciplinary degree in sustainability and environmental management at the University of Leeds. During my time at Leeds, I was given the generous opportunity to gain first qualitative and quantitative research experience as research intern and research assistant. To increase my knowledge in environmental science, I spent one year at ETH Zürich in Switzerland under the Swiss-European Mobility Programme.

After my time in Leeds, I returned to ETH Zürich to pursue a PhD in environmental psychology at the Consumer Behavior Group, supervised by Prof. Michael Siegrist and Prof. Reto Knutti. My dissertation focused on the role of trust in science and expert credibility for climate change mitigation. Specifically, I looked at the role of trust in climate science (and scientists) in sparking both individual and collective action on climate change and how advocacy by climate change researchers affects their credibility. During my PhD, I had the opportunity to visit Prof. Naomi Oreskes and work with her at Harvard University for several months. After my PhD, I briefly worked as a postdoc in the Climate Physics group at ETH Zürich which allowed me to get more insights into the challenges faced by climate scientists at the science-policy interface.

I am also the co-founder of Degrowth Switzerland, an organization dedicated to improving wellbeing by fostering discussions of post-growth possibilities within Switzerland. As member of the organization, I contribute to policy briefs on degrowth-related policies and public communication on the topic.

In my free time, I enjoy training for triathlons (especially open water swims and long bike rides), hiking and painting (increasingly abstract art).