The "Ideal" Look of a Leader



According to a study performed by academics from the University of Exeter Business School and the Bradford University School of Management, business leaders should dress like those they lead, not designer-clad mangers that we often see in TV or films.

The study wanted to find out if and how people judged their leadership qualities of their bosses based on their appearance. The results showed everyone had a completely different view of what a leader looked like. The conclusion was that it showed people unknowingly draw on their own-self-image because nobody has a clear idea of what a leader should actually look like, or what personality they should express. When people described themselves and compared it with how they described leaders, their 'ideal' or 'excellent' leader was a mirror image of themselves.

Interviewees in the study had been on leadership development programs or described themselves as leaders. Interviews lasted up to an hour and a half and included questioning on their career history.