Professor Viterna is out of the office for the summer, but will begin holding regular office hours the week of August 28, 2017.

Important things to know before asking me to advise your thesis:     

1. The goal of this endeavor is that you write a thesis.  As such, our time together is significantly more productive when you give me something in writing that I can read and comment on prior to our meetings.  Too often students want to have multiple meetings to talk about the thesis that they plan to write, but they never actually get started writing.  To make sure this doesn’t become habitual, in all but the first few meetings, I expect students to turn in something in writing at least 48 hours before our scheduled meeting.  Early in the project, these writings will be memos, human subject applications, or small parts of the thesis.  Later in the project, I will expect full chapters prior to our meetings.  If you do not turn in the agreed upon writing at least 48 hours prior to our meeting, then I will cancel our meeting and re-schedule for a time when I am available and when you have completed the required assignment. 

2. I will happily and constructively comment on the work you accomplish.  However, I as a rule do not comment on the work that you are not accomplishing.  Please do not expect me to prod, push, e-mail, and encourage you to make progress.

3. No one writes a great thesis in the first draft.  Or the second.  If you want to write a great thesis, plan to turn in the first draft to me at least SIX WEEKS in advance of the final deadline to allow sufficient time to incorporate my comments into the revisions.  Ideally, you will also give me notice of when to expect to turn in your thesis, so that I can schedule time to read it. 

4. Finally, our meetings will generally only last 30 minutes, or in certain occasions, an hour.  Although I very much enjoy meeting with students, I cannot spend multiple hours each week with any one student to the detriment of others.