Article & Video: Salvadoran Women Jailed for Abortion Warn of Ban, Viterna anticipates post-Roe future in the US, 06/11/2022.

Salvadoran Women Jailed for Abortion Warn of US Total Ban,” by Luis Andres Henao and Jessie Wardarski, Associated Press, 06/11/2022, background and quotes. 


Jocelyn Viterna, a Harvard University sociologist, has reviewed court documents from dozens of cases in which Salvadoran women were convicted of pregnancy-related homicide.

“If this plays out the way it does in El Salvador, in the United States women who have naturally occurring miscarriages may much more frequently be under suspicion for abortion,” Viterna said. “We may be asking, ‘Did they take a pill? Did they drink too much when they shouldn’t? What leads you to lose that child?’”