Viterna in the News

Selected media appearances and contributions to the public press. 

"Abortion Ban Exceptions Cannot Protect Life," Editorial by Jocelyn Viterna, Los Angeles Times, 07/05/2022. 

An Unreliable 400-year-old Test is Sending Mothers to Prison for Killing their Newborns,” Los Angeles Times article by Leila Miller, 06/23/3022, background and quotes. 

Salvadoran Women Jailed for Abortion Warn of US Total Ban,” by Luis Andres Henao and Jessie Wardarski, Associated Press, 06/11/2022, background and quotes. 

Freedom for Three Women Jailed for Murder after Suffering Miscarriages,” Interview on Newsday, BBC World Service Radio, 03/08/2019.

They Were Jailed for Miscarriages. Now, Campaign Aims to End Abortion Ban” by Elisabeth Malkin, New York Times, 04/09/2018, article featuring Viterna's research.

“El Salvador Rejects Appeal in Baby Death Case," Newsday, BBC World Service Radio, 12/14/2017, Viterna special guest appearance.

El Salvador Court Upholds 30-year Prison Sentence for Woman Whose Baby Died During Childbirth,” by Andrea Patiño and Patricia Clarembaux," Univision, 12/14/2017, background and quotes.

Las Otras Beatrices.” Editorial with Natasha Reifenberg, El Faro (Salvadoran newspaper), 11/10/2017.

Profesor de Harvard desmiente mitos sobre el aborto terapéutico y rechaza prohibición absoluta,” Canal Gentevé (channel 29), San Salvador, El Salvador, 08/29/2017, featuring Viterna's research on abortion access in El Salvador. 

“El aborto terapéutico salva la vida de las mujeres.” 92.1. FM. San Salvador, El Salvador, special guest on the hour-long talk show of Radio La Klave, 08/29/2017.

The Real Reason El Salvador Jails Women for Stillbirths? It’s Called Moral Panic," Los Angeles Times Editorial by Jocelyn Viterna, 07/30/2017.  

Miscarriage of justice: Where miscarrying can mean a life in jail,” The Economist, 12/01/2016, research featured in article by Sarah Esther Maslin. 

Cerca de 95% de los homicidas en todo el mundo son hombres…¿Por qué las mujeres matan menos?, (95% of all murderers are men. Why do women kill less?” by Margarita Rodriguez, BBC Mundo, 10/20/2016, background and quotes. 

Innocents: Letter from El Salvador, Where Pregnant Women have More to Fear than Zika,” by Rachel Nolan, Harper's, October, 2016, pp 55-68, featuring Viterna's research. 

La condena de la embarazada pobre, (The Condemnation of the poor pregnant woman)” by Jocelyn Viterna, El Faro (Salvadoran newspaper), 07/28/2016.

“Women and War in El Salvador.” WPFW 89.3 FM. Washington, DC., 03/02/2016, special guest appearance on the hour-long talk show of the Latino Media Collective.

In Latin America, Abortion Rights Stall as LGBT Rights Advance. Why?Americas Quarterly, 12/07/2015, background and quotes. 

“El Paso de Jocelyn Viterna por El Salvador,” Enfoque Jurídico, (Salvadoran legal studies journal), 06/05/2015.

El Salvador Feminists Fight for Justice.” Against the Current, May/June 2015, article featuring Viterna's research.

"Feminists in El Salvador Continue Fight for Justice for Women Imprisoned for Obstetrical Complications," International Viewpoint, 03/19/2015, reporting about Viterna's research.

Abortion and Reproductive Rights in Latin America: Implications for Democracy, Center for Reproductive Rights, March 2015, background and quotes. 

"Why a Woman Who Says She Didn't Know She Was Pregnant Is Serving a 40-Year Sentence for the Death of Her Baby," Cosmopolitan, 02/11/2015, profile and interview about Viterna's research in El Salvador. 

“A Pardon for Carmen Guadalupe; What will be the Fate of the Other 16?” WPFW 89.3 FM. Washington, DC., 01/30/2015, special guest appearance on the hour-long talk show of the Latino Media Collective.

Salvadoran Council Uses Poverty to Justify Keeping ‘Las 17’ in Prison” Rewire News Group, 01/07/2015, article featuring Viterna's research. 

"El abuso de Fortín Magaña contra Las 17" (Fortín Magaña's abuse of Las 17), El Faro (Salvadoran newspaper), 01/04/2015, article featuring Viterna's research.

“In a Year of Discontent, Social Justice Issues Flare Near and Far into Protests," Kansas City Star, 12/20/2014, background and quotes. 

“The Criminalization of Reproduction in El Salvador.” WPFW 89.3 FM. Washington, DC., 12/12/2014, special guest on the hour-long talk show of the Latino Media Collective.

"Principios legales versus discriminación de género. El caso de las 17Feminists in El Salvador Continue Fight for Justice for Women Imprisoned for Obstetrical Complications, (Legal Principles Versus Gender Discrimination: The Case of Las 17"), by Jocelyn Viterna and José Santos Guardado, El Faro (Salvadoran newspaper), 11/17/2014.

Second Tribunal of Conscience/Justice for Women, broadcast live on La Radio de Todas, San Salvador, El Salvador, 11/05/2014, expert witness tesitimony.

UK Doctor Finds Live Birth Test Flawed in Prosecution of El Salvadoran Women," Lexington Herald-Leader, 10/26/2014, background and quotes. 

"La historia de dos mujeres que participaron en la guerra salvadoreña (The story of two women who participated in the Salvadoran war)," by Jocelyn Viterna, El Faro (Salvadoran newspaper), 03/03/2014.

Mujeres en la Guerra: Quienes Ganan, Quienes Pierden, (Women in War: Who Wins, Who Loses?)” by Jocelyn Viterna, El Faro (Salvadoran newspaper). 2/24/2014.

Black Lives Matter, But Will it Last, and Can it Effect Change?Greater Boston with Emily Rooney, WGBH Public Television, 12/09/2013 special guest appearance.