I am always eager to engage in projects that use research skills to solve policy issues, inform decision makers, or help organizations to improve their impact. Here is a sample of some of them. If you have a good idea for a project, let me know. We could make it work! 

Data Analysis

big data 

Big-Data Analysis of World Bank’s Performance Indicators (2016): Along with World Bank's Operation Officers, developed an algorithm to identify variables that are the most predictive of failure/success in World Bank's projects.


Judicial Systems and Rule of Law


Corruption and inequality in Central America and the Caribbean (2016): Fieldwork and documentary research in Haiti, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico to identify how different institutional designs are more/less effective in tackling corruption and inequality. 


Mapping Youth Violence and Bullying (2013): Developed an index for Mexico's Federal Ministry of Education to map the intensity and features of school/neighborhood violence by state. The goal is to better target crime prevention public resources.

citizen security

Mexico's Citizen Security Briefs (2011): Along with Social Protection Specialists from Latin America, developed briefs on Mexico's security situation and its implications for poverty and economic development. Results were distributed among key decision makers inside the World Bank.


Drug-Related Violence Analysis (2010): Econometric/statistical analysis of Mexico's statistics of crime and drug-related violence to inform Mexico's Federal Security Spokesperson at The Office of the Presidency.

Poverty and Inequality


Developing the private sector in Bhutan (Ongoing): Along with World Bank's Specialist, conducted an investment climate assessment to analyze existing constraints in Bhutan's private sector and provide policy recomendations to foster job creation. 


Fiji's Determinants of Government  Satisfaction (Ongoing): Along with World Bank's Social Protection Specialists, conducted a survey data analysis to evaluate the determinants of government satisfaction to Tropical Cyclone Winston  government's response.


Keep a Breast (2016): Analyzed health statistics to assess increments and changes in the dynamics of breast cancer in young Mexican women.


Haiti’s Poverty Targeting Tool (2016): Along with World Bank's Social Protection Specialists, conducted fieldwork and quantitative analysis to design a proxy means test (PMT) in order to identify the characteristics of Haiti’s poorest households. Results will be used to target poverty-relief efforts in Haiti’s rural and urban communities.


Inequality and Mexico's Judicial System (2016): Analyzed census and household surveys to assess whether inefficiencies in Mexico's judicial system affect poorest individuals the most. The goal is to redesign the justice system to make it equality-inducing. Institutions like The World Bank, Mexico's Census Office (INEGI) and OXFAM took part in this project .


Togo's Youth Unemployment (2016): Studies household surveys to help World Bank’s specialists to identify income and labor characteristics of Togo’s vulnerable populations, particularly the young.

Research Journalism


Nudge innovation in Mexico (2016): In-depth data research and semi-structured interviews to identify, along with oficial actors of Mexico's scientific/entrepreneurial community, how to nudge innovation in Mexico.  


 No US-Exit from NAFTA (2016): Conducted dozens of semi-structured interviews with key political actors from USA, Canada and Mexico. Developed a list of implementable actions that could reduce corruption, improve security, and provide better labor conditions along the US-Mexico border, without renegotiating NAFTA. 


Content-generation for Research Journalism (2013): Along with Integralia Consultores, developed “Central Política”, a method to systematically extract information from private/public online sources to have ordered datasets available for research journalism and visualization projects.