Data Activism

Data CPMX (ongoing). Developed 10 indicators related to economic and social statistics  with a combination of official data and new data gathered from surveys. The goal is to identify priorities related to public policy at state and national level.


Keep a Breast. Analyzed health statistics to assess increments and changes in the dynamics of breast cancer in young Mexican women.


Central Política. Along with Integralia Consultores, developed “Central Política”, a method to systematically extract information from private/public online sources to have ordered datasets available for research journalism and visualization projects.


Mapping Youth Violence. Developed an index for Mexico's Federal Ministry of Education to map the intensity and features of school/neighborhood violence by state. The goal is to better target crime prevention public resources.


Drug Related Violence Analysis. Econometric/statistical analysis of Mexico's statistics of crime and drug-related violence to inform Mexico's Federal Security Spokesperson at The Office of the Presidency.