Developing nations


Central America and the Caribbean: Anti-corruption institutionalism. Fieldwork and documentary research in Haiti, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico to identify how different institutional designs are more/less effective in tackling corruption and inequality.


Cross-country: Analysis Performance Indicators. Developed an algorithm to identify variables that are the most predictive of failure/success in developing projects.


Bhutan: Devoloping the private sector. Conducted an investment climate assessment to analyze existing constraints in Bhutan's private sector and provide policy recomendations to foster job creation.

Fiji: Determinants of Government Satisfaction. Conducted a survey data analysis to evaluate the determinants of government satisfaction to Tropical Cyclone Winston government's response.


Haiti: Poverty Targeting Tool. Conducted fieldwork and quantitative analysis to design a proxy means test (PMT) in order to identify the characteristics of Haiti’s poorest households. Results will be used to target poverty-relief efforts in Haiti’s rural and urban communities.


Togo: Youth Unemployment. Studied household surveys to identify income and labor characteristics of Togo’s vulnerable populations, particularly the young.