Research Explorations



Inequality and Mexico's Judicial System. Analyzed census and household surveys to assess whether inefficiencies in Mexico's judicial system affect poorest individuals the most. The goal is to redesign the justice system to make it equality-inducing. Institutions like The World Bank, Mexico's Census Office (INEGI) and OXFAM took part in this project. 

citizen security

Mexico's Security Briefs. Briefs on Mexico's security situation and its implications for poverty and economic development. Focus on understanding the difference between 2007 and 2013 increases in  violence.



Nudge Innovation. In-depth data research and semi-structured interviews to identify, along with oficial actors of Mexico's scientific/entrepreneurial community, how to nudge innovation in Mexico.


NAFTA Negotitions. Conducted dozens of semi-structured interviews with key political actors from USA, Canada and Mexico. Developed a list of implementable actions that could reduce corruption, improve security, and provide better labor conditions along the US-Mexico border, without renegotiating NAFTA.