Positions &Contact


Any people interested in biomedical imaging research are welcomed to contact me. Candidates should have interests/skills in any one/more of the following fields:

1. Organic synthesis skills to prepare small molecules for drug discovery;
2. Molecular imaging probe development (radiochemistry skills are preferred but not required);
3. Biomedical imaging skills, including PET, MRI, optical imaging; 
4. Acquisition and analysis of functional MRI or PET data in animal models or human subjects, basic programming skill is desired;
5. Molecular Cell Biology/ Biochemical/neuroscience/animal skills to understand neurobiology in brain disorders.

Applications will be accepted throughout the year. Please send CV to: 
Changning Wang, Ph.D. (cwang15@mgh.harvard.edu)




The Wang Lab at Martinos Center
149 13th Street, Charlestown, MA 02179
(o) 617.724.3983