News & Events

Welcom to WangLab at Martinos Center!

August 2020, Changning received Ken Griffin Alpha-synuclein Imaging Competition

August 2020, Welcome Darcy and Amelia join Wanglab!

July 2020, Steph left wanglab and her next position is a lab manager at Northeastern University.

June 2020, Welcome Julia join Wanglab!

March 2020, Congratulations to Nadine for getting into grad school! She will be starting the PhD Clinical Psychology program at Boston University this fall.

Jan 2020, Welcome Dr. Yan Liu join Wanglab!

Dec 2019, Zude and Shenglin have left Wanglab. Good luck to their careers in China!

Dec 2019,  we have a research paper published inMedicinal Chemistry Research, titled "Synthesis of a carbon-11 radiolabeled BACE1 inhibitor.”

Dec 2019,  Ping has a research paper published in Chemical Communications, titled "Positron emission tomography probes targeting bromodomain and extra-terminal (BET) domains to enable in vivo neuroepigenetic imaging.”!divAbstract

Oct 2019,  Zude and Yulong have a research paper published in Nuclear Medicine and Biology, titled "Synthesis of 11C-labeled DNA polymerase-β inhibitor 5-methoxyflavone and PET/CT imaging thereof.”

Oct 2019, Yulong received  the 2019 MGH SPARC poster Award. Congrates!

Sept 2019, Drs. WANG, ZHANG, Gomperts and WESTOVER as a team as one of  Eight SPARC awardees were named this year.

Sept 2019, Yulong received  the 2019 ADDF Young Investigator Scholarships for the 2nd time. Congrates!

July 2019, congrates on Lan's paper, Novel radioligands for imaging sigma-1 receptor in brain using positron emission tomography.

June 2019, see SNMMI photos from Steph and Lan.

April 2019, we will have three lab members attend SNMMI 2019, Dr. Yu Lan will give an oral talk, Stephanie will present her poster. Ping received ERF-SNMMI Annual Meeting Travel Award! one of 7 people this year.

Feb 2019, Yulong received  the 2019 ADDF Young Investigator Scholarships. Congrates!

Jan 2019, Wanglab keeps growing in the past years, please check "Position" tab to see any open positions.

Dec 2017, Nadine joined the AUD PET imaging Project

July 2017, Welcome Mara joining the AUD PET imaging Project! 

Nov 17, 2016,   The first human imaging with [11C]Martinostat at WangLab.