Preceptor of Expository Writing, Harvard College Writing Program
Fellow in Global Social Protection
Harvard Medical School
Assistant Professor of Sociology & Instructor Harvard Summer School
Department of Cell Biology, Harvard University
Harvard Applied Physics Graduate Student
IQSS, Harvard University
Teaching Fellow
Senior Research Associate at EPS
PhD candidate in the Committee on the Study of Religion
Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations (Hebrew Bible)
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
PhD Candidate at Harvard University
Research Scientist
Post-Doctoral Fellow, HBS and LBS, Harvard NASA Tournament Lab
PhD Candidate in History
George M.A. Hanfmann Curator of Ancient Art andHead, Division of Asian and Mediterranean ArtLecturer on the Classics
Saguaro Seminar: Civic Engagement in America
Damarete Curator of Ancient Coins
Professor of Public Policy, Harvard University
Harvard University
Postdoctoral Fellow
Walter C. Klein Professor of Philosophy and of the Classics, Emerita