Bio/ C.V.

Weiling Liu is a Ph.D. candidate in the business economics program at Harvard University. Her research interests are empirical asset pricing and financial intermediation. Currently, she is using dealer-level trading data to understand risk exposure of large financial intermediaries and forecast long-run asset returns. She is also using novel pricing data on long term care insurance to study how mispricing and regulatory frictions may have contributed to the unwinding of the private market.

Weiling Liu earned a Bachelor's degree from the University of Chicago, double majoring in economics and statistics. Prior to the PhD, she worked 2 years as a research analyst in the Capital Markets group in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. There, her research focused on predicting business cycles and microstructure of the U.S. bond market. 

Weiling is a 2018 fellowship recipient of the Summer Economics Fellows Program, sponsored by the American Economic Association and the National Science Foundation.


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