Intermediate Composition





I taught this course at MCI-Framingham through the Boston Prison Education Program, which offers the opportunity to pursue a B.A. for inmates in a couple of correctional facilities in Massachusetts. I led the course, designed the syllabus, graded the papers, and did my best to help my students to enjoy their writing.

Designed to build on the skills and concepts introduced in EN 104 (Introduction to Composition), this course presents two widely used writing styles: classic style and contemplative style. Through investigating what makes these styles distinct, we analyze how grammar, diction, figurative language, and structure combine in coherent and clear writing meant for a variety of purposes. For both of these styles, we look at a set of authors in depth in order to see how each author personalizes that style while also harnessing it for specific ends. Through these examples, this course presents style not as an expendable attribute of writing but rather as the foundation of the thought, meaning, and argument.