Publications by Year: 1998

Weitzman ML, Metrick A. Conflicts and Choices in Biodiversity Preservation. Journal of Economic Perspectives [Internet]. 1998;12 (3) :21-34. Publisher's Version conflicts_choices.pdf
Weitzman ML. On the Welfare Significance of National Product under Interest-Rate Uncertainty. European Economic Review [Internet]. 1998;42 (8) :1581-1594. Publisher's Version welfaresignificancenationalproduct.pdf
Weitzman ML. The Noah's Ark Problem. Econometrica [Internet]. 1998;66 (6) :1279-1298. Publisher's VersionAbstract

This paper is about the economic theory of biodiversity preservation. A cost-effectiveness methodology is constructed, which results in a particular formula that can be used as a criterion to rank projects. The ranking criterion is sufficiently operational to be useful in suggesting what to look at when determining actual conservation priorities among endangered species. At the same time, the formula is firmly rooted in a mathematically rigorous optimization framework, so that its theoretical underpinnings are clear. The underlying model, called the "Noah's Ark Problem," is intended to be a kind of canonical form that hones down to its analytical essence the problem of best preserving diversity under a limited budget constraint.

Weitzman ML. Recombinant Growth. Quarterly Journal of Economics [Internet]. 1998;113 (2) :331-360. Publisher's Version recombinant_growth.pdf
Weitzman ML. Why the Far-Distant Future Should be Discounted at its Lowest Possible Rate. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management [Internet]. 1998;36 (3) :201-208. Publisher's Version why_far-distant_future.pdf