Electric Network Programs

Electric Network Programs:  Analysis of markets in electric networks can benefit from example calculations.  Commercial quality programs are sometimes available, but may be more than required for "toy" problems and textbook examples.  These programs are in the public domain as research tools.   There are no warranties provided, but I have found them helpful.  The programs and accompanying example data files are contained in zipped catalogs.

ACPLV11.ZIP:   A self-documenting DOS program for calculating an AC load flow for a per unit equivalent representation of a small electrical network.  Transformers and other equipment must be represented as lines.  (50 buses, 200 lines.) (Rev. 3/26/01)

DCMODV38.ZIP:    A program for finding a social welfare maximizing power flow for a DC load model with piecewise linear supply and demand functions under transmission constraints.  No contingencies.   Written in GAMS and requires access to the GAMS modeling system. (Rev. 2/21/99)

MKTGAM22.ZIP:    A program for finding a Cournot market game solution with a small number of players and a competitive fringe modeled as a DC load model with piecewise linear supply and demand functions under transmission constraints.  No contingencies.  Written in GAMS and requires access to the GAMS modeling system. (Rev. 3/4/99)

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