LIFE's Women

November 20, 2018

Exhibition co-curated at the New-York Historical Society:


For the editors of LIFE—the first magazine to tell stories with photographs rather than text—the camera was not merely a reporter, but also a potent commentator with the power to frame news and events for a popular audience. For decades, Americans saw the world through the lens of the magazine’s photographers. Yet between the 1930s and the early 1970s, LIFE kept only six women photographers on staff. LIFE’s Women features more than 80 images...

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Burlington Contemporary Questionnaire

October 3, 2018

To launch a discussion about what a new publication on contemporary art might offer, Burlington Contemporary sent out a questionnaire to writers, artists and thinkers.



‘To be truly honest with one's self as a historian or critic, to understand that history is an affective discipline governed as much by fantasy as by fact. To revel in the contemporary is to enjoy the immediacy of our critical and emotional capacities as they intersect in "real"...

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Cultured Magazine Best of 2017

December 27, 2017



What museum/gallery/etc show are you most looking forward to in 2018?  Definitely Judy Chicago‘s debut exhibition at Salon 94 with works from the PowerPlay series (1982-87). Chicago’s work is of foundational importance, and now the full range of her work is reaching the public it deserves. People might be surprised to know that this is a body of work about men and masculinity. I can...

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Does Louise Lawler Make You Cry?

November 28, 2017

Does Louise Lawler Make You Cry?

            Louise Lawler’s work has been plagued by totalizing readings about the art market and appropriation. We rely on truisms about the domestication of the art object in Lawler’s photographs of masterpieces in collectors’ homes, and we rehearse a tentatively feminist reading of her critiques of capitalism and male authorship without...

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Letter to Even Magazine

October 9, 2017

A letter to Even Magazine about Kyle Chayka's essay on the Seagram Building and the Four Seasons:


29 September 2017

To the Editors of Even Magazine,

            I am writing in response to “The Season Finale” by Kyle Chayka. The mission statement of Even reads, “We’re tired of hearing about culture...

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