Wayne Thiebaud: Visions of Excess

July 4, 2017

An unpublished review of the latest (and biggest) Wayne Thiebaud monograph that was rejected for being too personal: 


Growing up on a farm outside of Sacramento, I had little hometown pride. California’s capital is little more than a hodgepodge of suburbs with a sprinkling of tall buildings (one of which is so strikingly macabre it is often likened to Darth Vader). A typical Friday evening in my high school days consisted of bouncing around from Tower Theater to Walgreens and Starbucks, inevitably concluding when Round Table, a metonym for the entire...

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On Catherine Opie's "700 Nimes Road"

June 22, 2017

An unpublished essay on Catherine Opie's "700 Nimes Road"

While an increasingly ill Elizabeth Taylor was confined to her upstairs bedroom, and later the hospital, the esteemed photographer Catherine Opie unassumingly took pictures of the star’s Bel Air home. Opie’s photos amass rows of Chanel shoes, countless cosmetics and jewels, closets filled with designer couture, and even Taylor’s brown-orange cat named Fang. Opie’s resulting series, 700 Nimes Road, has been met with...

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Getting "Hers": On Marilyn Minter

January 26, 2017


This letter is a response to the 25 January 2017 review by Maika Pollack of Marilyn Minter's retrospective “Pretty/Dirty” at the Brooklyn Museum:

Marilyn Minter’s work was shunned by feminists throughout her career because of her sex-positive and glamorous content. It makes sense, then, that Minter continues to provoke scholars and critics to question the relationship between her imagery and a larger feminist context.

Pollack’s review, in an attempt to complicate this connection, actually reaffirms many of the...

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Clichés - 7 January 2017 - Blame

January 7, 2017

Clichés - 7 January 2017



In Autobiography of Red, Anne Carson asks, "Who can a monster blame for being red?" 

Whenever I tell my therapist that I asked a boy to slap me during sex, she always asks, "Where?" It is as if the location has some special significance, and I can never understand why a slap on one part of the body is different from another. I always drolly reply, "My face. Only my face."

I am reminded of the only person who I have ever slapped. It was a dripping hot evening in Cambridge, and I refused to wear...

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Letter to Art F City

October 27, 2016


A response to October 20, 2016 review of Julie Mehretu at Marian Goodman Gallery on Art F City.

Review link:


23 October 2016

To the Editors of Art F City,

I was disturbed by your recent review of Julie Mehretu at Marian Goodman Gallery, not only because of the review’s conservative argumentation, but also because of its lack of art historical or sociopolitical acumen.

The first problem is a...

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