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Joan Semmel is an icon of feminist art alongside Judy Chicago, Marilyn Minter, and the Guerrilla Girls, but she (like her activist colleagues) is foremost a virtuosic painter. Her nude self-portraits celebrate not only the unedited female body, but also Semmel’s painterly acumen and nuanced historical awareness. In this way, we might compare Semmel’s work to the stunning nudes of the Impressionists, but in the same breath, also see her concern for color and composition to be reminiscent of Agnes Martin’s lyrical minimalist works. Semmel provides an opportunity to think about the paint, the canvas, and the brush—the building blocks of activist work—instead of just relying on a cursory look at her chosen content. Semmel is currently exhibiting new work at Alexander Gray Associates in New York. Her work is also included in “Coming to Power” at Maccarone Gallery, New York.

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Daniel Arsham’s work, as he told us in his Brooklyn studio, is “hard to define,” but we could think of a few words – beautifully contemporary, deeply historical, wildly cool. When we met him on one steamy day, his studio was in full gear, even though most New York-based artists take the summer off and head to the Hamptons. Arsham wore a monogrammed lab coat – a dapper mad scientist, to be sure.

Arsham is, in many ways, a superstar. He did stage design for and toured with Merce Cunnningham, perhaps the most inventive figure in modern dance. If that’s not intriguing enough, he has also collaborated with the fabulously talented and stylish Pharrell Williams. Public School tapped him to create their runway for Men’s Fashion Week. We’re almost out of breath, but one last thing – his film Future Relic 02 starred James Franco.

Arsham is about to embark on a totally new outlet. After years of working with color-blindness, he has started using corrective lenses that will allow him to see a greater range of colors. Semaine is hosting the world premiere on our website of Arsham’s new film that documents his first experience seeing colour with EnChroma glasses. 

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Felix Gonzalez-Torres at Andrea Rosen, Massimo de Carlo, Hauser & Wirth