I advocate for evidence-based policies that I believe promote health for our patients and/or lead to a more functional, efficient, sustainable, and equitable health care system in the United States. While there are many differences in opinion on how to reach these goals, I believe it is important that physicians, who make unique committments to put the health of their patients and communities first, work together to arrive at consensus opinions on what is best and communicate this to patients, decision makers, and legislators. While I don't always agree with the opinions and policy stances ultimately taken by the organizations in which I participate, I always strive to make sure an evidence-based, patient-centered voice is heard.

With the Massachusetts Medical Society, I represent physicians in Suffolk County and have previously served as a member of the Board of Trustees and Chair of the Resident & Fellow Section. The MMS works to develop priorities for advocacy at the state and federal levels, and regularly provides guidance and testimony to the legislative and executive branches of the Massachusetts and Federal government on a variety of health related issues. With the MMS, I have had the opportunity to discuss some of today's biggest issues--such as health care reform, access to care, prescription drug prices, physician burnout, medical student debt--with Massachusetts' senators and representatives to the U.S. Congress.

At the American Medical Association, I currently represent the American Thoracic Society in the AMA House of Delegates. My goal working with the AMA is to bring an evidence-based, patient-centered voice to its deliberations, recognizing that its stances are taken seriously by patients, physicians, policymakers, and executives as we try to reform our health care system for the better. While we all participate in discussion and debate on a wide range of topics, I played a large role in the authorship and/or updating of a number of policies adopted by the AMA:

AMA Meeting