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59. Yi Y, Yu M, Feng C, Hao H, Zeng W, Lin C, Chen H, Lv F, Zhu D, Ji X, Mei L, Wu M, Tao W*. Transforming "Cold" Tumors into "Hot" Ones via Tumor Microenvironment-Responsive siRNA Micelleplexes for Enhanced Immunotherapy. Matter (Cell Press) 2022, in press.

58. Ouyang J, Xie A, Zhou J, Liu R, Wang L, Liu H, Kong N, Tao W*. Minimally invasive nanomedicine: nanotechnology in photo-/ultrasound-/radiation-/magnetism-mediated therapy and imaging. Chemical Society Reviews 2022, DOI: 10.1039/d1cs01148k. (Invited ArticleEmerging Investigator Award Collection)

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56. Kong N, Zhang R, Wu G, Sui X, Wang J, Kim NY, Blake S, De D, Xie T, Cao Y, Tao W*. Intravesical Delivery of KDM6A-mRNA via Mucoadhesive Nanoparticles Inhibits the Metastasis of Bladder Cancer. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA (PNAS) 2022, 119(7): e2112696119. (Front Cover Paper)

55. Tao W*, Peppas NA. Robotic pills for gastrointestinal-tract-targeted oral mRNA delivery. Matter (Cell Press) 2022, 5(3): 775-777. (Invited Article)

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52. Huang X, Liu C, Kong N, Xiao Y, Yurdagul A, Tabas I, Tao W*. Synthesis of siRNA nanoparticles to silence plaque-destabilizing gene in atherosclerotic lesional macrophages. Nature Protocols 2022, 17(3): 748–780(Featured article by Nature Protocols)

51. Chen W, Schilperoort M, Cao Y, Shi J, Tabas I, Tao W*. Macrophage-Targeted Nanomedicine for Diagnosis and Treatment of Atherosclerosis. Nature Reviews Cardiology 2022, 19(4): 228–249. (Cover Featured; Highlighted in the "Mechanisms of atherosclerosis" Series of articles from Nature Reviews Cardiology)

50. Zhao M, Mi D, Ferdows BE, Li Y, Wang R, Li J, Patel D, Kong N, Shi S, Tao W*. State-of-the-art nanotechnologies for the detection, recovery, analysis and elimination of liquid biopsy components in cancer. Nano Today 2022, 42: 101361.

49. Ouyang J, Rao S, Liu R, Wang L, Chen W, Tao W*, Kong N. 2D Materials-based Nanomedicine: From Discovery to Applications. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews 2022, 185: 114268. (Invited Article)

48. Zhang D, Zhong D, Ouyang J, He J, Qi Y, Chen W, Zhang X, Tao W*, Zhou M. Microalgae-based oral microcarriers for gut microbiota homeostasis and intestinal protection in cancer radiotherapy. Nature Communications 2022, 13: 1413.

47. Jangili P, Kong N, Kim JH, Zhou J, Liu H, Zhang X, Tao W*, Kim JS. DNA-Damage-Response-Targeting Mitochondria-Activated Multifunctional Prodrug Strategy for Self-defensive Tumor Therapy. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2022, 61(16): e202117075. (Angew. Chem. VIP and Front Cover Paper)


46. Huang X, Wu G, Liu C, Hua X, Tang Z, Xiao Y, Chen W, Zhou J, Kong N, Huang P, Shi J, Tao W*. Intercalation-driven Formation of siRNA Nanogels for Cancer Therapy. Nano Letters 2021, 21(22): 9706-9714.

45. Zhong D, Zhang D, Chen W, He J, Ren C, Zhang X, Kong N, Tao W*, Zhou M. Orally Deliverable Strategy Based on Microalgal Biomass for Intestinal Diseases Treatment. Science Advances 2021, 7(48): eabi9265(Front Cover Paper)

44. Zhao H, Xu J, Feng C, Ren J, Bao L, Zhao Y, Tao W*, Zhao Y, Yang X. Tailoring Aggregation Extent of Photosensitizer to Boost Phototherapy Potency for Eliciting Systemic Antitumor Immunity. Advanced Materials 2022, 34(8): e2106390.

43. Singh N, Son S, An J, Kim I, Choi M, Kong N, Tao W*, Kim JS. Nanoscale porous organic polymers for drug delivery and advanced cancer theranostics. Chemical Society Reviews 2021, 50(23): 12883-12896.

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38. Kong N, Zhang H, Feng C, Liu C, Xiao Y, Zhang X, Mei L, Kim JS, Tao W*, Ji X. Arsenene-mediated multiple independently targeted reactive oxygen species burst for cancer therapy. Nature Communications 2021, 12: 4777Highlighted: Nature Portfolio | Bioengineering Community - “Multi-targeted reactive oxygen species burst for cancer therapy” (Web of Science Hot Paper | Highly Cited Paper)

37. Zhang X, Li L, Ouyang J, Zhang L, Xue J, Zhang H, Tao W*. Electroactive electrospun nanofibers for tissue engineering. Nano Today 2021, 39: 101196. (Web of Science Highly Cited Paper)

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35. Liu C, Sun S, Feng Q, Wu G, Wu Y, Kong N, Yu Z, Yao J, Zhang X, Chen W, Tang Z, Xiao Y, Huang X, Lv A, Yao C, Cheng H, Wu A, Xie T, Tao W*Arsenene Nanodots with Selective Killing Effects and their Low-Dose Combination with ß-Elemene for Cancer Therapy. Advanced Materials 2021, 33(37): 2102054. (Frontispiece Cover PaperWeb of Science Hot Paper | Highly Cited Paper)

34. Ouyang J, Feng C, Zhang X, Kong N, Tao W*. Black Phosphorus in Biomedical Applications: Evolutionary Journey from Monoelemental Materials to Composite Materials. Accounts of Materials Research 2021, 2(7): 489–500. (ACS Editors' Choice Featured; Front Cover Paper)

33. Farokhzad N, Tao W*. Materials Chemistry-Enabled Platforms in Detecting Sexually Transmitted Infections: Progress towards Point-of-Care Tests. Trends in Chemistry (Cell Press) 2021, 3(7): 589-602. (Invited Article

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30. Ji X, Ge L, Liu C, Tang Z, Xiao Y, Chen W, Lei Z, Gao W, Blake S, De D, Shi B, Zeng X, Kong N, Zhang X, Tao W*. Capturing functional two-dimensional nanosheets from sandwich-structure vermiculite for cancer theranostics. Nature Communications 2021, 12: 1124. Highlighted: Nature Portfolio | Bioengineering Community - “Nature-Derived 2-Dimensional Materials for Cancer Therapy and Sustainable Solutions” (Web of Science Hot Paper | Highly Cited Paper)

29. Liu C, Shin J, Son S, Choe Y, Farokhzad N, Tang Z, Xiao Y, Kong N, Xie T, Kim JS, Tao W*Pnictogens in Medicinal Chemistry: Evolution from Erstwhile Drugs to Emerging Layered Photonic Nanomedicine. Chemical Society Reviews 2021, 50(4): 2260-2279. (Web of Science Highly Cited Paper)

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27. Yang J, Zhang X, Liu C, Wang Z, Deng L, Feng C, Tao W*, Xu X, Cui W. Biologically Modified Nanoparticles as Theranostic Bionanomaterials. Progress in Materials Science 2021, 118: 100768. 

26. Tang Z, Zhang X, Shu Y, Guo M, Zhang H, Tao W*. Insights from nanotechnology in COVID-19 treatment. Nano Today 2021, 36:101019. (Most Downloaded Nano Today Articles - TOP 2Web of Science Highly Cited Paper

25. Liu Y, Wang J, Xiong Q, Hornburg D, Tao W*, Farokhzad OC. Nano-Bio Interactions in Cancer: from Therapeutics Delivery to Early Detection. Accounts of Chemical Research 2021, 54(2): 291–301. (Cover PaperWeb of Science Highly Cited Paper) (Invited Article


24. Zhang Z, Tang Z, Farokhzad N, Chen T, Tao W*Sensitive, Rapid, Low-cost and Multiplexed COVID-19 Monitoring by the Wireless Telemedicine Platform. Matter (Cell Press) 2020, 3(6): 1818-1820. (Invited Article)

23. Ouyang J, Ji X, Zhang X, Feng C, Tang Z, Kong N, Xie A, Wang J, Sui X, Deng L, Liu Y, Kim JS, Cao Y, Tao W*In situ sprayed NIR-responsive, analgesic black phosphorus-based gel for diabetic ulcer treatment. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA (PNAS) 2020, 117(46): 28667-28677. (Web of Science Highly Cited PaperHighlighted: Materials Research Society (MRS) Bulletin Materials News (MRS Bulletin 2021, 46(3): 199)

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13. Ji X, Kang Y, Fan T, Xiong Q, Zhang S, Tao W*, Zhang H. An antimonene/Cp* Rh (phen) Cl/black phosphorus hybrid nanosheet-based Z-scheme artificial photosynthesis for enhanced photo/bio-catalytic CO2 reduction. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2020, 8(1): 323-333. 

Before 2019

12. Kong N#, Tao W#,*, Ling X, Wang J, Xiao Y, Shi S, Ji X, Shajii A, Gan ST, Kim NY, Duda DG, Xie T, Farokhzad OC, Shi J. Synthetic mRNA nanoparticle-mediated restoration of p53 tumor suppressor sensitizes p53-deficient cancers to mTOR inhibition. Science Translational Medicine 2019, 11(523): eaaw1565. Highlighted: F1000Prime Recommendation - Rated Very Good

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