Welcome to my webpage!

My name is Xiao Wang (王蕭), a postdoc researcher at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children's Hospital. working with Professor Simon Warfield.

I was a graduate student in Prof. Charles Bouman and Samuel Midkiff's research group at ECE department, Purdue University, and I received my PhD degree there in 2017. Before that, I got two bachelor's degrees from St. John's University, one in Mathematics and one in Computer Science.

Currently, I am looking for an assistant professor faculty position. Find my job application materials HERE

My research interests include: High Performance Computing; Image Processing; Medical Physics; Machine Learning; and Numerical Methods.

My research direction focuses on applying the domain knowledge in the above mentioned fields to computed tomographic (CT) reconstruction, so that the reconstruction algorithm tightly integrates with CT detector sensor design and data acquisition physics, making it possible to observe phenomena at a super-resolution previously difficult or impossible to measure with traditional approaches. 



Harvard Medical School, Boston Children's Hospital
350 Longwood Avenue
Boston, MA 02115
email: xiao.wang2@childrens.harvard.edu  

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Recent News

Check out my recent presentation below at Colorado Convention Center for Supercomputing Conference'17:

SC'17 Presentation

Here is the high-defition presentation with video (HTML5):



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