Dr. Zhang is a Harvard Research Fellow at Harvard University. Before joining Harvard, Dr. Zhang was an MIT/SYSU postdoc associate with 5 STEM degrees. Dr. Zhang serves as a science writer for Nature, Materials Today (IF 24+) family (100+) journals, and Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Soft Matter. Dr. Zhang is also on the editorial (advisory) board of Elsevier, Springer Nature, Wiley, Future Science Group etc. journals. Dr. Zhang works on Nature-inspired sustainable materials for advanced applications. Dr. Zhang`s research covers 2-dimentional/carbonaceous/polymeric/ porous/natural/ bio/nano materials for electrical, catalytical, sensing, environmental, biomedical, energy and sustainable applications. 

Dr. Zhang`s most recent interests also include “Nature-derived sustaiable materials”, lab-on-chip, and biomedicine. Dr. Zhang has published 60+ papers in Matter, Molecular Plant, Nature Communications, NPG Asia Materials, Advanced Materials, Advanced Functional Materials, Advanced Energy Materials, Advanced Drug Delivery Review, Materials Today journals, American Chemical Society (ACS) journals, RSC journals etc, with 1000+ citations. Dr. Zhang serves as a Nature Nano Ambassador. Dr. Zhang was invited by Nature VP to help organized the Nature Outlook Tea and get acknowledged by Nature VP. Dr. Zhang is now working on an invited paper for Nature Plants.

Dr. Zhang is full of love and passion and open-minded for opportunities. 

Part of Dr. Zhang`s publications can be found at