Research Project


Graduate Students    
Dan Weber Control Electronics Design for Tactile Displays SpaceX
Undergrad Students    
Battushig Myanganbayar A Micro Motion-Amplifying Actuator Fabricated by Self-Aligned Assembly MIT
Yuri Zaitsev Scalable, MEMS-Enabled, Vibrational Tactile Actuators for High Resolution Tactile Displays Stanford
Gabriel Fernandez Using Origami Method in the Development and Testing of Liver Microstructure Devices UMass
James Carroll High Frequency Acoustic Wave-Aided Directed Assembly on The Tilted Substrates UMass
High School Students    
Dina Atia Determining Optimal Flow Protocols for Origami­Enabled Artificial Liver Tissue Engineering Devices MIT
Daniel​ Scrivener Optimizing​ ​Chamber​ ​Architecture​ ​for​ ​Origami-Enabled​ ​Tissue​ ​Engineering BU
Alex Chen MEMS energy harvester and actuator with torsional CNT mechanical capacitor Yale
Sakura Gandolfo1 Designing Origami-Enabled Artificial Liver Tissue with Hexagonal Symmetry Northeastern
Yasmine Boukataya2 Packaging Origami-Enabled Liver Tissue for Robust Operation and Subsequent Internal Evaluation UPenn
  1Won 1st place in 2017 Emerging Resaerchers National Conference in STEM by NSF and AAAS.  
  2Won 2nd place in 2017 Emerging Researchers National Conference in STEM by NSF and AAAS.