Hi, I'm Yehong! Originally from Atlanta, I'm a senior in Mather House and a joint concentrator in Philosophy and Government, with an academic focus in cybersecurity.

My freshman year, I founded Harvard Square Consulting, a startup that aims to increase access to higher education for high school seniors across North America and Asia. Sophomore year, my interest in international experiences and cross-cultural entrepreneurship led me to intern at Northern Light, a VC firm that invests in early-stage startups in China. Junior year, I studied abroad at The University of Cambridge, where I served as Head of Press at The Cambridge Union. On the weekends and over break, I traveled to 8 European countries, serving as a USA delegate in two international conferences. 

Freshman summer, I won the David Rockefeller grant to study abroad in Milan and Siena, Italy. Between pages of Boccaccio and D'Annunzio, I spent my weekends backpacking across Europe and Asia, blogging about my travels along the way. Sophomore summer, I moved to Manhattan, where I wrote about retail, technology, and market trends for Forbes. This summer I'll be living in the vibrant city of Seattle, where I'll be working for Amazon as a business analyst.

At Harvard I've been campus editor for LinkedIn, senior editor for Her Campus, magazine editor at The Harvard Crimson, staff writer at The Harvard Political Review, and summer blogger for The Harvard Independent. I'm also a player on the women's club lacrosse team, a student representative on the UC, a house advising peer for Mather House, and a study abroad advisor for the Office of International Education.

If you're interested in political theory, journalism, entrepreneurship, venture capital, finding summer opportunities, funding international experiences, exploring Harvard's glittering extracurricular landscape, or figuring out whether a joint concentration is right for you, don't hesitate to get in touch! I'm always happy to talk about my experiences, both in the government department and outside the classroom.

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